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Hello, friends. I’ve got some awesome ladies lined up to post on my blog for the next several days! Hopefully you’ll learn some fun stuff and meet some new blogger friends. Please share the love with these beautiful friends of mine!

My last guest-poster is Tonya from Love of Family and Home. (I’m obsessed with her shop, too- by the way!) She’s here to show us a fun tutorial on repurposing cereal boxes… I’m totally doing this when I move! enjoy 🙂
Hey Everyone!
I am so excited to be guest posting here at
Good Times Never Seem Sew Good!!
My name is Tonya and I blog at
with my mom!
We want to thank Caroline for giving us the opportunity to guest post here today & for allowing us to introduce our blog to her readers!!

My mom & I started our blog back in November of last year & are loving our time in blogland!
 We have met so many neat & talented people…
so many of which have been so supportive & encouraging in our blogging endeavors!
 My mom has been a decorating junkie most of her adult life & growing up I was always around to watch her pour her heart & soul into decorating our home.

 Now, with a home of my own, naturally I am the same way!

We always have a project (or two or three) going on
& we thought we might as well start blogging about  them!

 Maybe…just maybe, someone may want to read about the things we are working on!?!

Here are a few of our recent projects…

We would love for you to come by & check out our site!!
We also just recently opened an etsy shop as well if you would like to browse through our products!
click here to shop!!

Today I wanted to share with you a quick & easy DIY project that I did for my new home office space!
Cereal Box Magazine Holders
So I started out with just 2 cheap boxes of cereal from Walmart…
I bought the bigger boxes to allow for magazines of all sizes.
I will tell you, my magazine holders are not super sturdy, so you may wanna purchase a more expensive brand of cereal for a stronger box. I did not compare the cheap brands vs. the expensive brands to see if there was any difference in the quality of the boxes. However, if you aren”t going to be housing a lot of magazines, the cheap box will serve its purpose. I will admit, I was mostly going for looks! 🙂
First thing I did was cut off the tabs at the top of the box…

 I then measured 2.5 inches from the bottom of the box up & marked my spot. I took a level (only because I didn’t have a ruler) and placed it on the mark and angled it up to the opposite upper corner of the box & made a line with my pencil. I repeated this step on the opposite side of the box, and then cut it out. The box should look something like the one in the picture above.
After I cut the box the way I wanted it, all I did next was cover the box with scrapbook paper. I just used a glue stick (like the type you would use for scrapbooking) to adhere the paper to the box.
Voila! Your cheap cereal box is now a beautiful magazine holder!
I added a touch of flair to the box with my cricut machine with a fancy shmancey label!
Here is what they look like on the shelf in my pretty new office!
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you take a stab at making one of your own!

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