DIY refurbished cardigan: boring to fabulous

Hey, y’all. Today I’ve got a quick tutorial for you on how to make your boring cardigan just fabulous!
I got an itch to vamp up my boring 3/4 sleeve cardigan I got from Forever 21 (about three years ago) the other night, so I grabbed some supplies and got to working.
What you need:
– A cardigan in need of a makeover
– Some knit fabric (I actually used an old cardigan that had a hole in it)
– Elastic thread
– Your handy-dandy sewing machine
– Stitch witchery (ahem…I cheat. A lot.)
Cut two 3-4 inch wide strips of your knit fabric at a length that is almost twice the length of the to-be ruffled area.
On your sewing machine, hand-wind your bobbin with the elastic thread and thread your machine like normal.
Fold your strip of knit fabric in half length-wise (or hotdog-style for all you teachers ;)). At this point, you can press an edge, if your fabric will allow you to. Mine wouldn’t hold the pressed edge so I just sent it through as is and guided it with my hands. Send the raw edges through the machine and watch it bunch up before your eyes!
The ruffle should be the perfect length to fit over to-be-ruffled area on your cardigan. Pin it right side down on top of the buttons and buttonholes and sew a seam right next to the buttons and buttonholes flap.
After you have both sides completed, press the fabric (with lots of steam!!) to lay flat on the cardigan (not the buttons and buttonholes). Top-stitch the top and bottom of each ruffle. If it won’t lay flat by itself, grab some stitch-witchery, place it under the ruffle, and fuse it on!
Easy… peasy.
This is kind of a weird tutorial (ie. my wording might not make sense….) so feel free to email me (carolinehughes10 at gmail dot com) with your wonderful questions!
I’d love, love, love to see what you create!


16 thoughts on “DIY refurbished cardigan: boring to fabulous

  1. This is such a great tutorial! Love what you did with the cardigan! I see these in the stores all the time and they are super expensive! Great job!

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