September 1st…

I thought it would never get here. I even wore a cardigan to work today hoping the weather would cooperate [it didn’t, it was still 95 and about 110% humidity]. Some day it will cool down, until then I think its still shorts and sandals season.
BUT, before it began to rain this afternoon, I was able to do this awesome little project with a little help from a blog called sunshine and carousels. Thank you for your inspiration 🙂
I bought really ugly and really inexpensive frames (one 8×10 and one 5×12) from Walmart, and went to town creating these beauties. I’m not sure what exactly I’ll use them for, probably to hang jewelry or headbands in my bathroom. We shall see.
I also updated my Etsy store, so many fresh designs for YOU to check out! Let me know what you think of them.
Love ya, mean it

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